Holocene Sound collects, curates and disseminates sounds occurring within the Holocene Epoch of the Quaternary geologic period.

To this end, it is concerned with any and all sounds of the Holocene including, but not limited to:

  • Terrestrial sounds – at or near the surface of the Earth, including all sounds produced by human activities,
  • Bioacoustic sounds – those produced by living organisms,
  • Geologic sounds – within the Earth,
  • Oceanic sounds – within the Earth’s oceans,
  • Atmospheric sounds – within the Earth’s upper atmosphere or related to the magnetosphere,
  • Lunar sounds – related to the Earth’s moon,
  • Space technology sounds – related to Earth-launched spacecraft,
  • Solar system sounds – related to the sun, planets and other solar system objects and phenomena,
  • Space sounds – related to sounds outside our solar system and within the universe at large.
  • Other sounds not related to the above sources but occurring, or perceived to occur, in the Post-Pleistocene timeframe.